NZ Secondary Schools Adventure Racing Champs

Hawke's Bay

13th April – 15th April 2018

Event Information


What is GO-4-12?

The GO-4-12 Youth Adventure Race is The Official New Zealand Secondary School Adventure Racing Championships and the New Zealand Youth Adventure Challenge. 
It is an authentic adventure race with the core disciplines consisting of mountain biking, walking/running and navigation and may include rope skills and tube rafting/kayaking. 
The race is 12 hours in duration, starting and finishing in a secret location and the teams of four will face both physical and mental challenges while covering a picturesque course designed by experienced adventure racers. It is a points race, the teams try to collect as many points as possible in the 12 hours.

The 2007 GO-4-12 was filmed, check it out;

GO-4-12 2007 Chapter 1

GO-4-12 2007 Chapter 2

How much does it cost to enter the event?

It costs only $550 per team (four competitors and one support crew: Includes camping accommodation for Friday night only, Sunday brunch at Prize Giving)

Additional Sunday brunch meals at Prize Giving @ $25 each 

Who is eligible to compete?

It's open to all New Zealand secondary school students from Year 10 and over.

The NZ Secondary School Adventure Racing Champ teams of four must be from the same school

The GO-4-12 Youth Adventure teams of four can be made up from different schools, clubs, groups or friends 

The competitors will be young people who enjoy fun and adventure and are able to mountain bike, kayak and walk for extended periods of time.  At least one member of each team must be a confident navigator.

Note: All high school aged young people from Year 10 and over can enter as part of the GO-4-12 if they are not from the same school.  They will be eligible for all spot prizes and will be ranked under the GO-4-12 but not under the Secondary School Adventure Racing Champs.

For 2018 Teams are limited to 40 NZSSARC Teams and 10 GO-4-12 Teams 

There are three categories:  

Mixed (any combination of Boys & Girls)

There are no Junior/Senior categories and all competitors must be Year 10 or over


What Accommodation and food is available?

Friday night only at TBA, this is included in the Registration Fee (4 team members & one support person). Teams must supply their own tents or caravan or camper van, bedding etc. Boys and girls must sleep in separate tents/caravans etc UNLESS supervised by an adult.

Prize Giving Brunch Sunday morning (this is included in the Registration Fee; 4 team members & one support person) you need to be self-sufficient for all other meals/food.


SPOT Tracker

Each team will have a SPOT tracker allocated to them so we know where they are and friends and family at home can follow them - Click HERE

A video on how to use the SPOT Tracker - Click HERE


 This years event will be held in TBC - approximate location map, click 


Entries Will Open early 2018

Thursday 5th April 2018 - all entries must be received

Friday 13th April 2018

4:00pm – 6:00pm: Registration and Gear Check
6:00pm: Race Briefing

Saturday 14th April 2018

The race will commence at 5:30am or 6:00am and conclude at 5:30pm or 6:00pm the same day.

Sunday 15th April 2018

Prize Giving

This will be a Brunch held at TBA. The Brunch will be served at 9am 
Extra Tickets $25 each: Any extra Brunch meal tickets extra to the team (4 team members and 1 support crew) can be purchased on entering.

For the Full Race Information PDF document:

Click TBA

Gear Check Checklist Click TBA

2017 NZSSARC Event Management Plan PDF document:

Click HERE This is a living document and will be additions leading up to the event.
It is worth noting that the activities during the event are all covered by the Outdoors Mark Audit.  We will have a copy of this document at the event but it is 176 pages and covers all the Trusts activities.